Anthem And Destiny 2 Comparison

Anthem and Destiny worlds appear quite similar, but some key differences have us excited to check out BioWare’s take on the role playing shooter genre.

Destiny and anthem relate with each other in multiple ways. While they are in the same category, they also have major differences; this is why they are commonly in comparison texts. The space shooter genre has specific characteristics, but the two are still unique. The public information about Anthem and interviews with the public shed light on differences between the two.

1. Character and Javelin Personalization

  • Players have an opportunity to customize how the game looks form the first point. BioWare is the main tool for game personalization. Even when they are errors and bugs that need to be adjusted, players still have a chance to customize the game to suit player references.
  • Destiny 2 is unique, the developers promise players the customization capabilities, but there is no depth in most of the features. There is the need for shaders and loot drops for the customization process to be effective. In the game, shaders are divided into a one-time use accessory hence the need to collect enhanced versions of the game. The shaders have to match the level and type of colors.
  • The other major characteristic of Destiny 2 is on hiding the specific armor and shader within a loot box randomization. You also have to go through a paywall to achieve the customization process. Enthusiasts and even newbies with the game highlighted these features in the recent community gathering on Destiny 2.
  • Anthem guarantees the ability to customize the game to fit your cosmetic needs as per the “freelancer” pilot as you go on with the play. When flying the Javelin, you have to set the preferences right and make sure the fly is within your preferred features. According to Mark Durrah ion recent tweets with BioWare, the future of Javelin is directed at in-game drops and options for each Javelin.

2. Four-Player Cooperative Story Mode

  • In Destiny 2, players have an option to perform missions solo or in a Fireteam of up to three players in regular missions and Strike. Raids can be played by up to six players in a Fireteam. The player vs. player competitive mode features four player fireteams competing with each other.
  • Destiny offers players a choice in playing as a Fireteam that includes three players in the strike and traditional missions or playing as an individual. The Raids number is flexible; it can go up to 6 players depending on the player’s preferences and specifications of the system. There is also a player vs. player mode that entails four-player teams facing each other.
  • For Anthem, Player vs. player competitive mode is no longer viable. While this doesn’t exist for players in the game, it has developed a new mode with a four-player cooperative that depends on the activity of choice. Players have a chance to tackle the stories individually. The game is always connected, and there is no need for players to interact with other players.
  • The game still provides an option if you need a team of players to engage. The game provides up to four players available in a journey that entails a mainstream storyline. Strongholds are part of the side missions that require each player to complete.

3. Class-Specific Weapons

  • BioWare attributes to the wide variety of weapons to games like Diablo compared to the Destiny 2 features. As per info from BioWare, the developers chose not to include the player vs. player mode to avoid confusion or need to balance weapons for the different modes. 
  • The individualistic features make the game free and wild. Players can get classy with the weapon. This is an incredible feature that conspicuously misses in Destiny 2. The armors and class-specific features have more emphasis on the quality of weapons.
  • Anthem intends to develop Javelin-specific weapons to allow players to use specific armors depending on the Javelin they choose. The choice is also based on the weight of the weapons. The main concern here is class-agnostic weaponry and effectiveness of weapons in different levels.

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