Best Skyrim Mods

Best Skyrim Mods

Skyrim is one of the nicest RPGs out there and it has an extraordinary following. But it can be tricky to make the game more interesting and appealing when you already spent hundreds of hours in it. There are 60000+ mods for the game, so finding the right one is very hard. Here you have a list with our personal favorites!

  1. A Quality World Map offers you the map functionality that you always wanted. The world texture is more detailed, you have a paper map option too. And there are more features as a whole.
  2. Sky UI – Skyrim doesn’t have the best interface, but with Sky UI you can make it better and you will get to make a much better use out of your mods and inventory.
  3. Performance Textures is a cool mod and that’s because it resizes and also enhances the clothing, weapon and armor clothing textures while also lowering the file size. So you get better visuals and performance.
  4. Immersive HUD a lot of people will love this mod because it’s super simple and it automatically hides the unnecessary stuff to bring you a great visual experience.
  5. 2K Textures will work great for you if you have a powerful PC. But for the most part this is one of the best mods for people that want a higher quality set of visuals in the game.
  6. Enderal: The Shards of Order is a great mod that basically brings you a whole bunch of cool content to enjoy. There are 50+ hours to have fun with free of charge if you just own Skyrim. It’s amazing, crazy and also super rewarding.
  7. Legendary cities – if you like the ES lore, then you will know some of the other cities and here you can use this mod to access those cities. It’s fun and interesting, although you lack quests there.
  8. Immersive Creatures Comes with tons of new creatures added to the game. A lot of people are tired with the lack of diversity that vanilla has, so this mod certainly helps a lot.
  9. Perkus Maximus – this mod overhauls and also customizes some perks to make them better. You will be able to overhaul some systems, getting active effects and also keeping some passives as well.
  10. Apocalypse—Magic of Skyrim brings in dozens of new spells to the game. They are not rehashed, this is new content and it’s actually very fun to peruse and enjoy.

If you love Skyrim, it’s a good idea to try out these mods. Thousands of people enjoy them and use these mods all the time. Rest assured, there’s a lot of new content and some cool modifications to be enjoyed in these mods. These mods really help take Skyrim to the next level, and you should consider giving them a try.

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