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    Free Gamelife Balance Intro Course

    Drimlo Gamelife Free Intro Course  
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    GameLife Balance

    Welcome to Drimlo! Completing this course will help you understand the importance of developing a game-life balance to improve gaming performance & satisfaction, physical health, mental wellness, skill development, and learning! This course is supplementary material to live coaching sessions & other Drimlo App content, and is designed to teach you everything you need to know to become an optimized, healthy, and knowledgeable gamer! Two lessons will be completed per week, with a brief assessment following each.  Each lesson includes gaming, physical health, and mental wellness content, activities, and recommendations. Your coach will be presenting each lesson and help you learn everything you need to know. As you progress through this engaging course and conquer content & quizzes, you'll be leveling up your brain, body AND your life! We're excited to team up with you on your GameLife journey! We'll help you unleash your gaming potential, and become a better gamer, learner, and person!  Thanks for partying up with us.