Destiny 2 – How To Get Solstice Of Heroes Armor Set Fastest

The Solstice Of Heroes event is live in Destiny and one of the best things you can get from it is the Solstice Of Heroes Armor. That being said, you will have to return to the tower, talk to a statue and then you can go through remixed campaign missions as well as a multitude of triumph challenges. These are actually a treat for the old Destiny players.

How can you get the Solstice Of Heroes Armor set?

The thing to keep in mind is that the quest that you need to complete for the Solstice Of Heroes Armor set is a bit complex. This is time-consuming, but you will get to acquire and also upgrade the set once you get it. So yes, you can repeat the quest if you want, and you can easily upgrade your stuff as much as you can.

You want to go to the Tower and talk to the statue at first. Then you will arrive in the new area and Ikora Ray will give you the Homecoming mission. Once you completed that, you will need to go to the tower and then you have to talk with the big statue in the middle. When you do that, you will receive an uncommon Solstice Of Heroes Armor.

But as you can see, this is a green, uncommon unit. Yet it’s important to play this because you may get all the necessary items to create the Solstice Of Heroes Armor set. You will get once piece at a time. And even if you don’t get the armor piece after completing the quest, you may get an upgrade.

Increasing the Solstice Of Heroes Armor level

Getting the Solstice Of Heroes Armor may be the easy part, but creating a powerful armor set from this is pretty tricky. What you want to do is to complete a series of challenges. Each armor piece has its own set of challenges. Thankfully you can find all the directions right on the armor, which is super handy.

In the case of the Solstice Of Heroes helm for the Titan, you need to complete the Spark Redux mission, defeat the guardians in the Crucible and collect arc orbs. This is only a few of the many tasks that you have to complete.

Ideally you want to repeat these levels again and again. Make sure that you play with a friend if possible. This will help increase the speed with which you complete tasks, and that can help you get the results you want a lot faster. This is maybe the only way to get past level 385 to reach 400 power level until the Forsaken DLC release in September.

Upgrading the armor

  • For the Solstice Mask (Scorched) you need to defeat 10 Guardians in the Crucible, collect Solar orbs on Earch and complete the Spark redux mission.
  • Upgrading the Solstice Cloak requires you to do the Payback redux mission, complete 10 patrols and get super kills.
  • Solstice Strikes require you to complete the 1AU redux mission, defeat minibosses and collect void orbs.
  • The Solstice Vest upgrades require you to do the Chosen redux mission, complete 10 heroic public events, collect arc orbs in strikes and that’s it.
  • Solstice Grasps can also be upgraded. You have to do a meditation for Ikora, you have to collect arc orbs and also complete the Homecoming redux mission!

As you can see, the Solstice Of Heroes Armor set does require lots of grind, but it will be worth it. this is one of the most powerful armor pieces in the game, and since it’s a part of a time-limited event, you might as well want to get it to showcase your prowess in the game. Plus, it’s an amazing armor set that can be a whole lot better when compared to many of the other armor sets out there!

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