Destiny 2 Season Of Opulence Review

Destiny 2 Season Of Opulence Review

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence is here. And it’s time to celebrate, as Destiny is getting even better with this new patch. With the new updates, players can easily jump back into the leviathan ship in order to acquire that new treasure. They nerfed some weapons and armor, however they did buff swords and fusion rifles.

Once you return to the tower and speak with Benedict 44 you will start off the season with imperial summons. The new season has just kicked off and it will run until August. You will receive a new raid here, as well as new loot and new challenges.

One of the major challenges actually is called the Menagerie. It will have a 6 player activity where you need to eliminate bosses in different waves. You will have to work closely with other guardians to ensure a successful run with higher points.

If you want to earn the chalice of opulence, you will need to receive the invitation from the NPC Benedict 44 and then complete the quest. Thankfully the quest is pretty straightforward, there’s no need  to worry about anything, all the info is there and it’s really easy to comprehend. You will rebuild the chalice, and once you do that, you will complete it by generating orbs, completing challenges in the system and earning experience. If you turn this in, you will get a treasure map.

That map will actually show you the treasure of the Nessus, you will find the treasure where you can find the X there. Once there, open the chest and earn a rune. After you finish the menagerie, you can unlock triumphs at the destination section.

There’s also a new raid with this Season of Opulence called Crown Of Sorrow. It is one of the better and most exciting experiences that you can find in the raids so far. Get your fireteam together, and get some great raid loots and gear.

For some people battling bosses all the time might seem a bit boring. But there’s a lot of strategy to come with this approach, so it’s super creative and exciting, exactly what you would expect from a game like this. It’s nice to see that they are bringing you right to level 690 via the opening quest. You can complete the raid at that level, which is very interesting.

As we mentioned earlier, there are some nerfed items too. That includes the whisper of the worm, the sleeper simulant, the ace of spaces as well. Having some favorite items nerfed is bad, but then again they do want to make the game fair for everyone. You can definitely expect them to toy around with many changes onward, especially with a new expansion coming out early fall.

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