Destiny 2 Top 10 Weapons

Since the launch of the game, there have been gradual enhancements of weapons to match the modern gaming styles. To be part of the class-specific players, you need to check out on the new set of weapons rolled out recently. They offer a new perspective in the game. The player modes are enhanced and more efficient with modern tools. The release of the Forsaken was a landmark for Destiny 2, but there is a lot that has happened since its launch. The gun you employ may be the best or total trash depending on the random perks.

Here are the best Destiny 2 weapons

  • 1 Bygones (Kinetic Pulse Rifle – Gambit Drop)
    • Used before in Crucible and in Gambit when people weren’t using Sleeper.
    • It is a laser weapon with the right perks (Kill Clip/Outlaw/Rampage again)
    • It is one of the best guns in the game.
  • 2 The hazard of the Cast (Kinetic Auto Rifle – Gambit Drop)
    • This is an iron sights automatic rifle
    • Good performance and will make you play the new mode with great enjoyment
    • Stability plus Kill Clip/Rampage here works wonders.
  • 3 A parcel of Stardust (Kinetic Shotgun – Gambit Drop)
    • This is a lightweight shotgun, which can be the answer to your dream weapon with the right rolls
    • Considered one of the strongest weapons here
    • If aim perfectly you will destroy enemy defenses quickly and effectively
  • 4 Arsenic Bite (Energy Bow – Random Drop)
    • This is a combat bow and is only among the four legendary bows in the game (2 have fixed roles)
    • It is best used in the case of Arsenic Bite
    • Comes with Archer’s Tempo for faster draw time and Rampage
    • One of the best weapons in Crucible
  • 5 Duke MK. 44 (Kinetic Hand Cannon – Random Drop)
    • This is a reliable hand cannon
    • One of the strongest available thanks to its high impact
    • Combination of Rapid Hit/Outlaw/Kill Clip/Rampage
  • 6 Tigerspite (Kinetic Auto Rifle – Dreaming City Drop)
    • Automatic rifle
    • Using a Kill Clip/Outlaw on it gives it a range of masterwork.
    • Using a Major Spec on it and the thing now shreds orange bars like it was designed to do this
    • If you get close enough to the target, you will get the best results
  • 7 Smuggler’s Word (Kinetic Sidearm – Random Drop)
    • Most popular weapon among gamers
    • With an Outlaw/Kill Clip on it, the gun reloads fast.
    • You can put a Minor Spec mod on it for two shots on enemies in the blink of an eye, and it’s my go-to for that and pretty much anything in PvE.
    • It is not very effective for major/boss damage if you can succeed in getting close enough to the target
  • 8 Bad Omens (Rocket Launcher – Gambit Drop)
    • One of the heaviest weapons in the game
    • Comes with a tracking/cluster bomb combo that makes it a mini legendary Gjallarhorn.
    • Cluster Bombs are mostly bugged at this point so they can shred bosses like Riven almost instantly
  • 9 Malfeasance
    • Type: Hand Cannon
    • Although not ideal for a crowd situation, if you can succeed to get off five successive shots and land them all perfectly, they’ll bind together and become explosive
    • This is an effective enemy destroyer if you are good at targeting
  • 10 No Turning Back
    • Type: Combat Bow
    • Gained by: Campaign Reward
    • Use it to hit your target and to accomplish as much damage when your arrows explode


The latest weapons in the game give you a wide variety of choice. You can test their abilities and advantages by trying them in different circumstances. They are perfect when you take to higher levels in the game and discover how to use them. Each of them has special features to allow you to achieve your purpose and get out of trouble. Although some may resemble, it would be wise to learn when and how to use them effectively without putting yourself in harm’s way. There is still continuity in enhancements of the weapons so you can expect more changes  soon with the next release. Depending on the perks coming with the weapons, you will soon have your personal favorite, which is irresistibly good.

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