Drimlo Time - Watch Videos, Earn Points, Win Prizes!

Note: This content is especially curated for students engaged in digital learning from home in light of Coronavirus related temporary school closure and will be updated regularly by our content moderation team. This is not related to any educational content offered by the schools, it is purely designed for additional student engagement at home for fun learning, gaming and eSports related insight as well as for encouraging greater physical fitness. Students are invited to register at My Account from the menu , log in daily to view content, earn points on website activity and win interesting prizes on a weekly basis. We also plan to work with the schools for students to be able to earn extra points if they complete weekly assignments with highest grades. Drimlo support team encourages teachers, parents and students to send feedback at [email protected] with Subject starting "School Feedback -" that will help us in evolving the content and online services for students in near future.
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