Fortnite Season 9 Challenges And Loot

Fortnite Season 9 Challenges And Loot

Fortnite is always coming with fresh loot and creative new ideas for you to explore. What makes it great is that this time we do have some pretty interesting ideas and features to check out. With that in mind, the challenges are changing weekly.


In week 5, challenges include dealing damage to the opponents with stink bombs, dynamites, grenades and so on. You will also have to search chests at Frosty Flights and Salty Springs. And on top of that, you will need to eliminate 5 opponents.

When it comes to battle pass challenges, the first stage is to complete a lap on desert race track, the second stage is a lap on the snow, and then you have a grassland race track for level 3. You also need to do sky platform eliminations, visit Wind Turbines, but all need to be visited in a different match and you also need to add trap items in different matches too.

Loot Carriers

There are also some interesting options when it comes to looting now. These loot carriers are basically supply drops. But they are a lot more mobile, which is a very exciting but also quite demanding prospect. During every match, you will have named locations marked in gold on the map. These show that you will have carriers in that region. And if you shoot them down, they will give you high quality weapons.

It’s pretty much similar with the supply ship in Apex. Although this time you have to shoot the carriers in order to get that sweet loot. Having these hot spots under control will be hard, but then again it makes sense to fight for the cool loot and just enjoy the entire process as you go along. It totally means that you will have to focus on creating better strategies, but the payoff alone can be second to none and that’s the most important thing to consider at the end of the day.

Fortnite does an amazing job when it comes to offering more features and creative ideas. There’s always some new thing to enjoy and appreciate in the game, and it’s just a lot of fun to go ahead and enjoy the process in a way you always wanted. Being able to have access to so many cool features and enjoying them is definitely a highlight, so check that out and you might actually enjoy this quite a bit in the end!

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