How To Get Max Wins In Gambit

Gambit is very intense for any Destiny 2 player. But what a lot of people don’t know is how high the score needs to be in order for you to get the higher rank out there. Adaptability is key if you want to acquire a high score, and in this case it actually makes a lot of sense. The more you play with your friends and the better the score you have, the closer you get to the maximum rank in gambit. Here are some tips on how to get max wins in Gambit.


  1. Every match in Gambit brings around 200 Infamy points more or less. You might end up getting a bit more based on a variety of factors, but for the most part this is the amount that you will get and it’s still ok. The idea to focus on here is that you must have 15000 points for the highest rank.
  2.  This is obviously a very high amount of wins. If you have a few losses then that will take away from your streak. You can go with less wins if you have a streak and win again and again. It can help a lot if you play with other people. The idea is to avoid a streak of losses, as that will push you a bit further and you can potentially get some amazing results in that perspective.
  3. The bounties also help you rank up. That’s what will help you gain some amazing results even if you don’t have win after win to build up a streak. Losses are still acceptable, the idea is to know exactly what you are getting into and adapt or adjust the best way that you can. Even the little things like bounties can add up as you play the game. And from there to having a really good time and eventually reaching the highest rank it will be a very simple thing to do.
  4. You can also find some XP bonuses randomly. Crucible already has those, they are rarer in Gambit but some players confirmed receiving some XP, they are most likely incrementally given over time. It is a work in progress, but if you look to get the highest win score in Gambit, XP is the crucial aspect to consider.
  5. You may want to bring in a fireteam with friends, clan mates or put one together from LFG groups and communities online. This will help you in better coordination for PVE as well as PVP action to get the boss and opponent team kill points and score rapid motes to summon and kill Primeval boss as soon as possible in all 3 rounds.

Which is the max wins score in Gambit? That depends on how good you are and what is your gameplay style. The reality is that getting the max wins score in Gambit will require quite the grind. But if you already play Destiny 2’s Forsaken dlc, you will be more than familiar with that.

However, the coolest thing about Gambit is that every match is different with types of enemies to fight ranging from Scorn, to Hive and Cabal. It can be super hard to gain the necessary amount of wins every time, as there might be some losses as well. Even so, the game is a lot of fun and that’s the most important aspect about it. You just have to check it out for yourself and see how it goes, in the end it can be extremely rewarding and interesting as you try to reach the top score and rank !