Should We Get Destiny 2’s Forsaken DLC ?

Forsaken is the latest expansion of Destiny 2, and it has added quite a bit of content. But if you already played Destiny 2 for a while and were disappointed with it, should we get Forsaken DLC or wait it out ?

Our verdict – yes, go for it ! And no, this is not a sponsored or paid content, it is our opinion as of now after playing Forsaken in the last few weeks.

This new expansion actually comes with a lot of content. The idea behind it is to give players the control they need when it comes to playing and exploring new options. It has a new story campaign, and there are two destinations named the Tangled Shore and the Reef along with tons of new content to explore. There is a new enemy faction called the Skorn, they are a sub-faction for the Fallen.

There is a new weapon type – bow. It does require a lot of precision, it is extremely fun to use and it pushes us to become better and more skilled along the way. Every subclass gets a new super, there are 9 supers in total.

Another key driver that may nudge us to go for Forsaken is the new PVP and PVE combo mode called Gambit. It is currently one of the hottest things to play in Destiny 2. The intensity of every Gambit match is unparalleled, and it really pushes us to become better at this new game mode.

We also get some more of the same. There are new crucible maps and a new raid called Last Wish. The new raid can be accessed after completing the campaign and unlocking end game area called Dreaming City that offers plenty of challenges and activities to explore, not to mention its awesome design.

Players can reacquire weapons in the collections menu. The Heavy slot weapon now accepts any type of weapon, no matter if it is an energy, kinetic or heavy weapon. And a cool thing for a lot of players is that weapons have random rolls.

Forsaken is a good expansion offering tons of content in the game. There is a lot of grind to level up and unlock cool items as well as for overall character progression post the soft cap of power level 500. However, if we are looking for more content and a great new game mode, new weapons, armors, raids, maps and challenges and other fun stuff, then Forsaken does deliver all of that with great success.