The new season for Destiny 2 is like no other. It has stormed the market with new features and enhancements that will excite the existing gamers and attract new players. The updates are aimed at boosting class of the game to match the changing market demands. While it is not commonly mentioned for Destiny 2, Forge season comes with the Black Armory, especially for existing players. People who had previously purchased the game can easily access the new raid and push it to the end of the game.

Here are the top 10 improvements on the game:


  1. Chaos Reach – Issue of chaos reach that led to merging visual effects were addressed. Chaos reach is now allowed to access friendly banner shields. Chaos Reach can now damage Taken Blights
  2. Nova Warp – Issue of failed detonations on release were addressed
  3. Sentinel – Banner shields no longer lose energy while guarding friendly detonations
  4. Spectral Blades – The effectiveness of melee attacks has been increased to enhance the stealth capabilities
  5. Burning Maul – Camera is more stable and flash is on hit thus reduced sickness while using the Burning Maul Super
  6. Thundercrash – Camera adjustments have reduced motion feelings while on Thundercrash super mode

Exotic Armor

  1. Lunafaction Boots can now last for more than 15 seconds while in the Well of Radiance granted by buffs
  2. Super gain is consistent guarding PvE and PvP
  3. Ophidian Aspect can now freely increase the melee range


  1. Malfunctioning perks were replaced to integrate with weapon architecture
  2. The intrinsic perk text is now updated to differentiate it from the burst side arms
  3. High-impact scout rifles
  4. The scout rifles have been fixed back to 150 RPM
  5. Machine guns have increased in accuracy
  6. Submachine guns have increased range of focus
  7. Trench barrel perk can automatically deactivate after given number of shots

Exotic Weapons

  1. Hard light is now contained and cannot penetrate an enemy banner shield
  2. Mementa can be reloaded without discarding bonus; it has also been reduced to bullets


  1. Queenbreaker animation was restructured
  2. One Thousand Voices is now reliable be cause first-person is clear of excess particles
  3. Momentum transfer perk is now back to normal function
  4. Bows no longer disappear or suddenly become invisible
  5. You can now activate Rapid Hit to display status effect


  1. Mayhem has a scoring support for all kind of forsaken supers
  2. The cycle medal can now be tracked on real time
  3. The hunting experience is enhanced with addition of two new gold-tier medals
  4. Showdown and lockdown exist as rotating playlists
  5. Additional crucible medals as well as triumphs are now part of the favorite game modes
  6. New item son purchase rotation courtesy of Shaxx


  1. Errors leading to matchmaking were addressed
  2. Infamy rank rewards have been adjusted
  3. Hardpinging frequency is now less frequent thus less congestion and stunlock on coordinated teams
  4. Period between bonus kickoff is now 32 seconds
  5. It is now easy to complete bounties
  6. The Malfeasance error that would convert it to crucible modes is now addressed


  1. A new progression season is now available with new perks
  2. Weekly raid challenge is now available for more than 24 hours
  3. Anyone accessing Last Wish raid can access Last Wish raid bounties

Items and economy

  1. Sowers of glimmer are now provided to all defeated enemies by rainmaker
  2. Nightfall unique rewards now drop at a preferred rate even for non-forsaken owners
  3. Public defender now properly applies to all manner of public events
  4. Missing year 2 gunsmith weapons are now part of the collections
  5. BrayTech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle is also part of the collections for all players
  6. Unearned season 4 gear is invisible

Text Chat

  1. New commands of either adding or removing a friend in a particular circle of players
  2. There are more powerful fireteam management commands; invite and join
  3. In this case, the fireteam has a capability of targeting any player and helping them gather weapons and other resources
  4. Players can also respond to friend requests to help them build a professional team that can make use of the collections

The 10 improvements are only part of a big move set for Destiny 2 in the new season. What are your top 10 improvements in Destiny 2, feel free to share in comments.