How To Level Up Faster In Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Elder Scrolls Skyrim is a really fun and cool game to play, especially if you like RPGs. The immersion level here is second to none, but the only problem is that leveling up can be very problematic. Which is why we created a list with some tips to help you level up fast and easy.

Leveling Up Your Magic

The first thing you want to do as a mage is you have to go to the Mage Stone and set it as active. In case you are married, sleep with the wife to trigger the XP bonus as well. For Illusion, you just need to use the Muffle spell all the time. For Alteration you need the Detect Life spell and repeat the spell.

In case you want to level up Restoration, get the Equilibrium spell and use it along side your healing spell. For Destruction you want to go to the Dark Brotherhood questline, acquire the Torture Chamber, then use the Destruction magic against prisoners. Avoid killing those prisoners, just use healing spells. For Conjuration, you want to acquire Soul Trap and then use it often. In the case of Enchanting is to find a weapon that traps souls on its own alongside the Azura’s Star.

Leveling Up Combat In Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Use the warrior stone for boosts. For the one or two handed weapons, do the Dark Brotherhood questline and obtain the invincible horse. Spam attacks against that horse with the weapon you want to level up. In regards to light or heavy armor, just use the desired armor as much as possible. For smithing, you want to use the leather strips and iron ingots to create iron daggers. You can also get leather from animals. The idea is to craft as much stuff as you can.


In the case of thieving, you want to have the Thief Stone active if possible. Now you need to Sneak and you must find large groups of people, sneak around them. For lockpicking, it all comes down to practice and doing this as many times as you can until you really get the hang of it.

Archery level ups require Shadowmere, since you can get a higher level without that much of a hassle here. In case you want to level up your alchemy, you do want to become a hoarder and pick up ingredients. Of course you will have to create potions as much as possible once you get the items.

As you can see, leveling up fast in Elder Scrolls Skyrim is all about continually using your skills and finding ways to spam some of them fast for amazing leveling up. The challenge is that some of these things might be time-consuming, but it will be great if you focus on growing your character and leveling up his skills. It’s clearly a challenge, but it can pay off big time and that’s what you need for sure. Give that a shot and think about it, then results can be amazing!

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