How Can You Get Better At Overwatch

How Can You Get Better At Overwatch

Overwatch is a very interesting, action packed and high-octane game. But it also requires a lot of teamwork, so the first thing you want to do in order to get better is to play as a team. Being a lone wolf is not good in Overwatch most of the time. It may give you a few kills, but the team will most likely lose if the other team has better teamwork. Aside from that, here are some other important Overwatch tips !

Learn to play at least 1-2 heroes from each class

If you like Attack heroes, start playing Pharah or Soldier 76. Tank players may like DVA or Roadhog. If you enjoy Defense heroes, you have Bastion or Junkrat. And then support players can use Mercy or Lucio. There are many heroes in each class, so it’s really easy for you to try out each one of them and see what option works great.

Watch streams and study strategies

Watching Overwatch streams is nice because you get to learn new strategies all the time. You may not think of using certain strategies, but streamers do. You can treat these streams as video tutorials for the characters or maps you like.

Learn all the maps

You need to learn a few important things, such as alternative routes, where the map packs are, what good places you can use for positioning, if there are escape routes and so on. If the map has a payload, you need to learn the payload route too.

Practice in Quickplay before you go ranked

The idea here is to try out new skills and characters in unranked play. This will help you figure out what options work and which ones don’t. This is maybe the best place to try out your skills and see if there’s any counter from enemies.

Focus on the little things

For Roadhog, that will be the hook accuracy which needs to be as high as possible. In the case of Junkrat, it all comes down to trap and mine positioning. Mercy for example needs to time her resurrect in order to make a difference. It’s also important to help each other and offer cover so the other person can recover and heal.

Take full advantage of hitboxes

If your character has projectile attacks, the hitboxes are rather big. The idea here is to figure out exactly what the hitbox is and use it to your advantage. Thankfully, there are large hitboxes for each character and at least one of their attacks, so you do have to think about that.

Use the environment

There are many places where you can push players off the map. You can use Lucio’s sonic abilities or any tank’s attacks to push the players off the map. It’s satisfying and fun, but at the same time it can make a great difference too.

As you can see, playing Overwatch can be very challenging and sometimes rather difficult. But it’s definitely a fun, exciting game that you will enjoy playing over and over. Since there are so many heroes and strategies, you can never have the same experience even if you play the same map all the time. So there’s plenty of variety, which makes Overwatch a wonderful gaming experience!

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