Leveling Up Faster In Apex Legends: Tips and Tricks

Leveling Up Faster In Apex Legends: Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends is a very popular battle royale and its leveling system is very impressive. You can end up quite impressed with the great gameplay and interesting ideas behind this game. But the challenge comes from actively increasing your level. Getting to a new level is never easy, yet there are some ways to increase those stats. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Play With A Friend

You get a small bonus, 5% XP bonus to time survived each time you play with friends. It’s great because you have this extra benefit without doing anything different. That’s why you should always try to add multiple people to your group and play with friends.

Try To Get Lots Of Kills And Survive As Much As Possible.

The time survived gives you around 180 XP per minute. So the more you survive, the better. You can try to play alone or more of a single player approach and still win if you are good. As you can see, this is a game of survival and the more you survive, the more XP you get.

Kill The Champion

This is a bonus that gives you 500 points. So it’s definitely worth it to at least try to do that and you will be fine. You also get some small bonuses if you revive or respawn allies.

Get Apex Legends Battle Pass

The pass has some XP modifiers that basically allow you to acquire even more experience inside the game as you play. You don’t need to shell out money for this, just the more you play, the more fun the game will end up being.

Daily Kill Bonuses

A good idea is to play the game every day. If you do that you will get a daily XP bonus and that will just make things easier and more convenient for you. It’s certainly fun to play the game daily, and receiving 500 XP extra for that first kill during the day is very helpful.

Harness The Legend Bonus

In order to avoid having people that play only as a single character, you will get additional XP for every legend that week. That being said, if you get past 25000 XP with a character you are encouraged to move on to a new character. This way you get to try out and master new characters. It’s a formula that keeps the game fresh and it’s quite fun!

It’s important to understand the challenges that come from leveling up in a game like this. Try to focus on value and consistency and at the same time track those bonuses and get them if possible. It will be very exciting, and you will enjoy it quite a bit. Apex Legends is a fun game, and with these tips, you can level up faster and make quicker progress on the game.

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