Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 Review

Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 Review

Skyrim was released 8 years ago, and despite that, it remains one of the most popular games in the world. It has a large player base, and that’s because you have tons of content and you can enjoy a whole lot of cool stuff on an ongoing basis. With that in mind, the Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 was created to further improve on the game and here you have dozens of mods that create a total conversion experience.

What Can You Find In Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 ?

Right from the start you will notice that this is a very interesting take on Skyrim. The game is particularly designed with the idea of roleplaying in mind. Mods here add hunger mechanics and temperature, they also enhance the combat, and the game becomes a lot harder in general.

The Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 package contains Automaton, a tool that helps automate the installation or creation of modpacks. As a result, you can customize your own mod without having to worry about any problems or incompatibilities that might appear from time to time.

What you will enjoy a lot in Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 is that you have a huge collection of mods that you can use at your own pace. Some are offering 4K textures, others enhance character designs and visuals, etc., while having all of that in a single package. Being able to choose what and how to install really pays off big time. The progression system is improved as well, but for the most part, you will notice that this is very unforgiving and it won’t offer you great benefits or features.

You can also find some new quests in the game. Since there are new notices and alerts, you can find some side quests that really spruce up the game world and make it more interesting. While the gameplay is slightly different, the fact that you also have some fresh content is very interesting.

The game makers went even further by adding in new items. Skyrim already had a lot of loot, so being able to access even more loot that we enjoy is quite magnificent and spectacular.  It might take a bit to get used to the new game style, but it is rewarding. That’s what you need to see in a game this old with so much support.

What Do You Need To Run The Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 ?

Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 works with the vanilla version of Skyrim and all the DLCs. You will also need 64-bit Java and the latest .Net Framework. There are some additional requirements here like ENB, TES5EDIT, SKSE Plugin Preloader and the Skyrim Script extended. You will have a manual or an automatic option. For the automatic option and its updates, you will have to subscribe to the mod creator’s Patreon.

Is Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 Worth It ?

If you still want to play Skyrim but you want to make it look even cooler and if you need it to feel unforgiving, then Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 does a very good job. The game on its own was easy for some people, but Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 expands past that and it adds new content, better combat and all kinds of great stuff !

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