Why is Elder Scrolls Skyrim still popular ?

Why is Elder Scrolls Skyrim still popular?

Skyrim was launched in 2011, and years after its release a lot of people still play it on a daily basis. Bethesda knows that the game is popular and it released either the full game or a variant of it on just about any device that can run games. There’s even a VR version of the game. Which does bring the question, why is the game so popular to begin with and how does it hold so well years after release?


One of the primary reasons why a lot of people play Skyrim even years after release is the mod support. The game is super good and the best part about it is that it does bring in front some rewarding game mechanics. Yet modders have managed to expand on how you play the game and the numerous features embedded in it. That alone makes the game experience a lot better. Plus, many modders went ahead to improve the visuals for the game too, yet another reason why the game holds up so well even against new games.

A variety of things to do

The good thing about Skyrim is that you can do whatever you want in the game. The fact that no one holds your hand and you can be anything you want has always attracted people in some way or the other. And that’s the coolest thing about the game, the fact that it always pushes new things and it adapts everything to suit your needs. You can be an explorer, you can do only quests, or you can just be a thief if you want. The options are limitless.

Tons of loot

Many players enjoy a game like Skyrim for the loot alone. And it’s safe to say that you will love the huge amount of loot you can find in this game. There are a plethora of systems to help you create great sets, not to mention you have multiple loot categories too. All of that adds up to offering you a very interesting and enticing game experience every time you play!

Replay value

You can play the game 10 times with different characters and you can choose a different class too. The possibilities are limitless and that’s the most important factor when it comes to a game like this. It’s interesting as it is rewarding, and it does bring in front nice moments for you to explore all the time.

People love Skyrim because it has always been a great, complete RPG experience. You can play it however you want and the game can be adapted to your needs as you see fit. The experience is super impressive and every time you play you can find something new. If you are even remotely interested in a good RPG, this is the game for you. And once you play it, you will find it very intense and fun. This is definitely the ultimate RPG on the market, at least its successor arrives!

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